Titanium Wire Netting

Titanium Wire Netting
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Baoji Xinlian Titanium Industry Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China GR1 GR2 GR5 titanium wire netting

titanium wire mesh manufacturers and suppliers, and also a professional company equipped with factory, 

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Titanium Wire Netting 

Other Name: Titanium Wire Mesh 

Materials: Pure Titanium,Titanium Alloy

Mesh Type:1) titanium wire woven mesh, 2) titanium plate tensile net, 3). titanium plate punching net

Hole Type: Diamond, Circle, Hexagonal, Square, Triangle,etc.

Wire diameter: 0.02-2.03mm

Mesh counts: 1-635mesh

Mesh type: fine mesh (>80mesh); coarse mesh(<80mesh)

Weaving type: plain weave; twill weave; Dutch weave; five heddle weave and more

Edge finish: close selvage; round ended; flash

Standard width: 3' 4' 5' 6'

Standard length: 100'

Features: excellent resistance against acid, alkali, heat and corrosion

Advantage: Titanium wire mesh with its excellent resistance against acid, alkali, heat and corrosion, find 

extensively uses in processing of oil, chemical, food, making wire mesh filter, also sorting and screening 

of solid, liquid and gas in mine, metallurgy, airspace and machine making and more 

Applications: processing of oils, chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, also sorting and screening of solid, 

liquid and gas in mine, metallurgy, airspace, machine making and more