Three Unique Function of The Titanium

Functional Materials is based in the physical properties of engineering materials, and that the special nature of electricity, magnetism, sound, light, heat, or materials exhibit special features in its role. Titanium and titanium alloys have been found to have three special application.

1. Memory function: titanium - nickel alloy has a one-way, two-way, and a full range of memory effect in certain ambient temperature, is recognized as the best memory alloy. Engineering pipe joints for fighter aircraft hydraulic system; the oil conglomerate pipeline road system; treatment; made screws for fracture healing. The above applications are obvious effect.

2. The superconducting function: niobium - titanium alloy at temperatures below the critical temperature, showing a zero resistance superconducting function.

3. Hydrogen storage functions: Ti - Fe alloy having a hydrogen-absorbing characteristics, and a safe storage of large quantities of hydrogen, the hydrogen released again in a certain environment. In hydrogen separation, hydrogen purification, hydrogen storage and transport, manufacturing the promising hydrogen as the energy of heat pump and battery.