Colored Titanium Motorcycle Parts

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Colored Titanium Motorcycle Parts

Including: Black Titanium Bleed Screws

Purple Drilled Titanium Hex Flange Bolts;

Gold Titanium Air Manifold Bolts;

Blue Titanium Hex Socket Button Head Screws; 

Gold Titanium Torx Umbrella Head Bolts;

Material: Pure titanium,Titanium alloy

Grade: Gr1,Gr2,Gr5(Ti6al4v),Gr7,Gr9

Specification: M3-M30*L or as your requirement

Surface Treatment: Polishing,Anodizing, Nitriding

Color: Ti nature,Gold,Blue,Green,Purple,Black,Rainbow,etc.

Application: Motorcycle

Xinlian Titanium is a manufacturer of all kinds of colored titanium motorcycle parts, such as, colored titnaium bleed screws, colored titanium hex flange drilled bolts, colored titanium air manifold bolts, colored titanium hex socket button head screws, colored titanium torx umbrella head bolts. For any items you`re interested in, pls feel free to inquiry us. We`ll surely supply you with the best quality and the most competitive factory price.

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